Cascading Bouquets

For theatrical flowers, the cascading bouquet is the style for you. With the cascading, or waterfall, style you hold the flowers and foliage with the crook of your elbow and they cascade over your arm, trailing in front of you.

These bouquets provide drama with a capital D, but they can also be subtle. You don’t have to one that trails down to your feet. You could have one that just covers your hands for a whimsical look.

The flowers and colours you choose will affect the impact of your bouquet as well. For a subtle look, opt for one type of flower, or blend on big bloomed flowers something smaller like Queen Anne’s Lace and use lots of foliage like ivy and ferns.

However, when you think about a cascading bouquet, you’re more likely to think of a luscious cornucopia of flowers. An opulent abundance of blooms and foliage, and why not. If this is you, then go all out.

There is also no restriction when it comes to colour either. Pastels or bold colours work equally well because tropical flowers will lend an element of exotic to your statement flowers.

Don’t just opt for roses and peonies, although these do work well. Orchids, stargazer lilies, and clematis for trailing all bring something extra to your arrangement.

You could use these bouquets as decoration either on the top table between you and your partner as a focal point or on the table with your cake to draw attention.

One thing to keep in mind is obviously these bouquets are quite the statement and can have long trailing elements. Those can cover your dresses so if you want your dress as centre stage then look at a different style of bouquet.

These are also incredibly intricate arrangements and unless you’re a florist with experience, this should not be something you do yourself. While other bouquets have a simpler design you can master with a few trials, the cascading bouquet is a work of art beyond us mere mortals.

This is a great style for brides whether you’re having a romantic or a modern wedding, and with a great florist, you won’t be disappointed.