Catering for the Young at Heart

I have discovered, much to my joy, that age is a meaningless number. It’s just a record of how long it’s been since your birth and has no bearing on how you feel or the amount of fun you want to have. That said, sometimes the mind is willing but the flesh is weak, so catering for the young at heart at your wedding with a few prepared comforts can ensure that your more experienced guests can last the night.


First things first, getting to your venue. My grandparents don’t drive so at a recent wedding I attended, me and my family provided lifts for them. If any of your older guests are in a similar situation, check if they have lifts or if they would like you to organise some taxis. Delegate this job to the best man or your maid of honour.

Heatwaves and Cold Snaps

As our bodies get a little more worn, we are more susceptible to the weather. If you’re having a summer wedding, then having umbrellas for shade and regularly refilled water jugs will keep everyone cool in the sun.

And if you’re having an autumnal/winter wedding, churches can get pretty cold. Some blankets in your wedding colours will keep those guests more vulnerable to the cold (big children as well as actual children) warm and content for the whole service.

Seating Arrangements

When organising your seating plan, both for the ceremony and your breakfast, take into consideration how well your guests can see and hear. If anyone has any extra hearing or visual needs, reserving them seats closer to the action means they can enjoy everything.

Tea Corner

Even the halest and heartiest of us needs to recharge our batteries. A dedicated corner for teas and coffees for your older guests to enjoy throughout the day is a great idea> Also, a space away from the evening music will provide an oasis of calm in all the celebrations for a much-needed recharge.


If any of your guests have wheelchairs, then checked the accessibility of your venue and rest rooms. If you are organising taxis, then letting them know if any of the passengers use wheelchairs is a must so the right taxis arrive.

Weather dependent, you might want to check the pathways as well, how slippy they could get and if there are alternative routes for anyone not so steady on their feet.


Work the order you have your photos taken so any grandparents, great-grandparents and their peers are done first. This means they won’t be hanging around waiting, they can chill out in the tea corner, recouping energy for the next stage of your day.

These are only a few little things, but they will help all your guests enjoy your wedding to the fullest.