Classical Shoe Twists

2020 has significantly impacted our weddings, changing the things we want from our weddings. The area of wedding shoes has seen many brides looking for something classical with a modern twist, a bit of vintage glamour.

Classic styles are classic for a reason. They’re timeless designs that never go out of fashion, and they work for all types of weddings, from the very formal to the relaxed. Vintage style shoes with a modern twist, reimagining them for today’s bride.

Bridal lace heels is a style that has been around since the Victorian Era. Nowadays, these shoes are delicate, light shoes perfect for hot summer days, available in all heel sizes.

Regency style booties have a very distinct look. Modern examples don’t need to be full heels and can be made using modern lace. Ribbons used as laces turn them from functional to playful and decorative.

Classic pumps are also being reinvigorated with elaborate decoration over the heel. While at the front, they appear a standard pump or peep toe; at the back, they have beautiful heels with floral or geometric patterns picked out in diamantes, mother of pearl, or gold coloured twists.

Bows on shoes are making a come back. Some are decoration, bringing a 3D element to the shoe, while others are part of the shoe structure reinventing bows for 2021. These bows can also bring beauty to function as, in the case of the Regency style boots, they keep your shoes on your feet while looking beautiful.

Another growing trend is block heels. These heels have a wider area to support your foot, so they are comfier for all-day wear. They are also more suitable for outdoor wear, which makes them perfect for 2021 weddings as more couples are opting for outdoor celebrations due to Covid-19 restrictions.


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