Coats for Weddings

As the weather gets colder, we must find ways to keep warm while still looking great at any autumn/winter wedding we’re invited too. This is particularly important in 2020, as we’re encouraged to hold as much of a wedding outside as possible. Here are some ideas on how to keep warm and stylish . . .


The first coat you should consider is the one that comes with the outfit. These are light fitting with clean lines and designed to match your dress or suit to give you a complete outfit.

Of course, you could opt for a coat that is a different colour to your outfit’s main colour as a contrast. You can use your coat colour for your accessories to tie everything together.


A trench coat is a style that never goes out of fashion. The fitted, tailored look is a classic style that cinches your waist for a flattering look.

Although the standard colour is beige, there are other colours available, meaning you can find one to match your outfit whether through an exact match or shading.


Cloak coats are also popular this year. They were touted at the start of the year as a must-have fashion item for this autumn and winter.

As the name suggests, these coats have the loose flowing look of a cloak. Some have sleeves, while others are sleeveless. This is a comfortable style that will keep you warm as well as being fun and on-trend.Maxi Coat

The Maxi coat is another style that is big this year. These dramatic coats reach all the way to the ground, or close enough. They are something different, making you stand out from the crowd and super functional as their extra length will keep you warm.

Belted wool coat - General plane

If you’re a cold person, like me, then this is exactly the sort of coat you’ll need to keep you warm for the outside parts of the wedding while still looking gorgeous.


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