Cocktails for Autumn Weddings

The seasons come with their own unique flavour and we can celebrate these in cocktails at your wedding.

I’ve gathered together five autumnal cocktails that are easy to make and sure to please your guests on these colder days. With hot cocktails, champagne cocktails and even one with gin, there is bound to be something for every palette.

Spiced Apple Rum Punch

Is anything more autumnal than spiced apple? And, with the addition of ginger beer and rum, it packs a punch to ward off any nip in the air.

It contains 4 cups of apple juice, 750ml of ginger beer and 1 cup of light rum. It’s really easy to prepare as all the ingredients go in the same container and can be served straight away.

Get the full recipe here.Spiced Chamomile Hot Toddy

For a hot cocktail, this recipe of hot chamomile tea and Bourbon is the ideal. Steep 1 star anise and 1 cinnamon stick in some water and honey while brewing your tea. Add 2 tbs of the honey syrup with 1 tsp on lemon juice, 1 oz of Bourbon and top up with the tea. Stir until everything is mixed together.

Spiced Blood Orange Champagne Punch

This is a wedding, so a little champagne is called for. As well as a full 500ml bottle of champagne with every serving, Spiced Blood Orange Champagne Punch also has a cup of dry white wine for a very rich taste. The blood orange juice is tempered with some sugar and then spiced with a cinnamon stick and 2 whole star anise.

Find the full recipe here.Cosmopolitan

With Cointreau and cranberry juice, this cosmopolitan already has autumn flavours without much addition. As a classic cocktail, the cosmopolitan is sure to be a crowd pleaser. With only 4 ingredients, vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice and lime juice, it is simple to put together and can be made in advance, which means the drinks can be waiting for your guests straight after your ceremony.The Bramble

And what cocktail list would be complete without at least one gin offering?

The Bramble uses 10ml of crème de mure, which is a blackberry liqueur, as well as 40ml of gin. With 20ml of lemon it has a zesty taste that is tempered from being too sharp with 20ml of sugar syrup.


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