Colourful Dresses

When it comes to wedding dresses, you might think you only have two choices of colour, white or ivory. This isn’t the case and there are some stunning choices for a memorable bridal look. Although colour may not be traditional, the style of dresses are undeniably bridal.


This golden dress has all the pomp and formality you would want for a large church wedding. The gold elevates the dress to fairy tale regal, perfect for any princess on her wedding day.

While this whimsical tulle skirt is also golden, the style is more suited to an outside boho wedding, especially during the summer / autumn months.


Following the tradition of something old, something new, then why not have your dress as your something blue? The soft outline of the tulle skirt softens the look for a romantic, classical style.

The addition of this invisible tulle jacket brings an added dimension of Hollywood Golden Age glamour, and the light blue makes it more of a colour suggestion than a bold statement.

Blue wedding dresses remind me of Cinderella and this dress demonstrates why. This fairy-tale princess dress is such a pale blue it could almost be white, and is perfect for a grand wedding.


Pink is a perfect alternative to a white or ivory dress. A hint of blush creates a feminine look whether you are having a frothy tulle skirt or a fitted mermaid style dress.

For me, pink wedding dresses are ideal for weddings that focus on romance above everything else.

Splashes of Colour

Your dress doesn’t have to be all one colour. Dresses with floral designs pick out the detail using colour for an effective look. In this dress, the flowers and vines cover the dress for a unique bridal look.

The floral detail for this dress is on the bodice which leaves most of the skirt plain, creating balance between exquisite design and beautiful simplicity.

This dress combines colour with 3D floral design giving you two on-trend style elements in one magical dress.


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