Colours of Spring 2020

It’s a miserable day outside. Winter is definitely on its way. On days like this we all need a little colour, so today I’m looking forward to Spring 2020 and the big colours brides-to-be need to know to be on trend.

These 12 colours are from the Pantone Fashion Colour Trend Report, detailing what we can expect on the runway at New York Fashion Week. If it’s good enough for NYFW, then its good enough for us!

Talking about spring colours, I have to start with the greens. Biscay Green is the epitome of spring green, cool, refreshing, and invigorating.

Chive is a darker green, soothing, calming, invoking feelings of health and restorative harmony for a peaceful wedding. This might not be your main colour, but a contrasting one to make your main colour pop.

For a relaxed wedding then Faded Denim is the perfect colour. Denim is popular because its comfortable and laid back so using the colour, not the actual material, will invoke those feelings for an unforgettable wedding.

If blue is for you but you want something a little deeper than Faded Denim, then look at Mosaic blue. It has an air of mystique and grace. It’s an excellent colour for shading and contrasting.

And of course, we can’t miss out Classic Blue. As eye-catching as any bright red, but subtler, full of endless possibilities and the colour I used for my wedding. This is traditional wedding colour and for good reason.

Spring is a time of happiness with all the new life budding up around us. Sunlight is the yellow of spring and it would blend well with Biscay Green for a unique look.

If Sunlight is a little delicate for you or you want to blend yellow, then Saffron used as a complementary colour will bring depth and warm to your wedding.

I find this Orange Peel a playful colour, another one to use for contrasting or blending with your main colour. Its eye-catching without being too much and has a bright, fizzy, party-like feel to it.

Living Coral was the Pantone colour of the year for 2019 and the coral colours will continue being popular in the future. Coral pink is warm and comforting, and another shade of Living Coral for a softer look.

Although this is down as a spring/summer colour, I think it works perfect for winter as well because it is a warm spicy colour, great to bring some spice to those bleak months.

For the bold bride, Flame Scarlet is the right colour, full of character, confidence and determination. Even if you only used this sparingly, like in your cake and for your bridesmaid, it will pack a huge punch.

And I’m ending on purple because it is my favourite colour and this particular shade is rich and warm after the stark coldness of winter. A burst of colour to announce the coming of spring.


Hopefully, these colours will give you some inspiration to really make your wedding pop next spring.