Day After Wedding Brunch

We have recently written about how popular a Day After Wedding Brunch has become and although this may seem like the last thing some couples want to do, or an added expense, practically it makes a lot of sense.

We have investigated the essentials required for this add-on and also the really useful elements of it!

Left Over Booze

Practical ‘WIN’ number 1 – all that leftover booze (which 99% of the time is a given) can be reused and turned into hangover champagne cocktails.

Guest Book

Practical ‘WIN’ number 2 – your guests get a second chance to write in your guest book and perhaps a little more soberly. Guest books often get forgotten about in the excitement of wedding days, so why not assign a bridesmaid or groomsman to go around the guests at the Day After Brunch and make sure they’ve left you a note.


Even if it’s a simple crossword or trivia quiz, make sure you have some easy entertainment lined up for your guests the day after. Why not ask them to bring their favourite games, including cards and board games, and encourage them to all get involved.

Hangover Cures

Turn your DIY bar into a Bloody Mary bar, or make small favours including paracetamol and sweets, to soothe your guest’s hangovers.

Chilled Music

It can be expensive to hire live musicians to play for a second day, and also perhaps not so kind for your guest’s heads, so keep it chilled and use a vinyl player. Again, ask your guests to bring their favourite records. This is a great way of easing your elderly relatives into this new trend.