Decorating the Hall Outside

A few blogs back, we looked at ways to decorate the inside of the hall. This week we’re looking at decorating the hall outside so you can bring together the inside and outside in one seamless celebration of your wedding.


A great way to decorate the outside is through signage. You can use them to point your guests towards your civil ceremony, if you’re having it here with us, as well as your wedding breakfast, evening reception, buffet food, toilets, bar, anywhere that your guests may want to go.

String lights

You can use string lights or fairy lights inside as well as outside. You can get some great ones which are solar powered meaning during the day they’re storing energy to burst into light when you need them most. You can use them to guide guests to different parts of the wedding along with the signage.

Mason Jars and Hurricane Lamps

Another way to keep things light as night falls are mason jars filled with candles or fairy lights. Depending on how many you have, or want, you can also use them to mark pathways or just outside of doors to make sure no one misses any steps.

Alternate seating

Make the most of any outdoor space for your wedding. Guests won’t want to stay inside. Give them quirky, alternate seating arrangements like haystacks to sit on. Just make sure you have cover or blankets to make them as comfortable as possible. And maybe warn people so hay fever suffers can prepare.

Outdoor Wedding Arch

If you’re having a wedding arch, you could position it outside. It would be great for photos, making the most of the outside, and gives you a focal point for announcements.

Take a look at the stunning wedding arch used recently at Capesthorne Hall – Capesthorne Hall Gallery

This idea also works for floral backdrops, so your guests have somewhere stunning to have photos taken in front of.

Photo bunting

A really cool idea is to put pictures of you and your partner on string as your own special bunting. You can wrap them around trees or other garden furniture, meaning your guests will have to move to see them and use the whole space.

And if you don’t fancy using pictures of yourself, then you can use flower garlands to really wow your guests.