Disney Themed Wedding Cakes

When I was looking for inspiration for a Disney Princess themed wedding, I realised that the cakes had the potential to be so magnificent they needed a blog of their own.

This cake is stunning in its simplicity. The glass slipper on the cake cushion, the silk ribbon embellishment and gem fasteners are so realistic you won’t want to cut into it. The design is elegant and modern while still true to the original story.

For me, the best cakes are the ones that capture the essence of the film, like this Beauty and the Beast inspired cake. The little lights around the rose under the dome are the perfect finishing touch, and the icing around the middle tier reminds me a little of Belle’s iconic gold dress.(Photo credit @QCakesReynosa, @cakes.in.bloom, @annadalebakery)

I cannot do a blog about Disney Princess cakes without giving credit to the villains because, without them, we wouldn’t have a story, and usually they are lots of fun. They tend to have the best lines, best fashion and are more identifiable than some of the princes.

These Cinderella carriage cupcakes are amazing, ideal for favours or, as an alternative, if you want to have individual cakes rather than one big tiered cake.

This cake goes the extra mile by using mirrored stands decorated with beads and lights for an extra special magical feel. This is such an eye-catching cake that your guests will be talking about it for years afterwards.

For the alternative bride there are plenty of Disney films that are a little darker. The Nightmare Before Christmas is the ultimate in alternative love stories. This is also the perfect cake for a Halloween wedding

Too many princesses to make a decision? Then this is the cake for you. Representing films from Disney and Pixar as well, this is the ultimate cake for the Disney loving bride.

This cake captures the most beautiful moment in Tangled where Rapunzel sees the floating lanterns that are released in honour of her, and Flynn Ryder realises there is something more important than gold. Just stunning.

This is my favourite of all the cakes, after the villains, because it combines a magical theme with video mapping. Cinderella travels in her carriage up each tier of the cake. Check out the video here. Amazing!

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