Doing Your Own Make Up

Because of all the things going on at the moment, it may mean you’ve decided that doing your own make-up for your wedding is the safer option. After all, you do your makeup every day so you should trust yourself to get it right on the big day. So, instead of talking about setting spray (an essential bit of kit for any makeup bag) I’m going to look at the makeup trends for 2020 that you need to know about.


Contouring and highlighting is a trend that is fading, with brides opting for something which lets your natural beauty shine through.Use minimal colour on eyes and lips, opting for a neutral shade on your eyes and balm tints for your lips instead of matte colour. This will increase the impact of your mascara and eyeliner.Rosy

Some of us (me!) would look super washed out if we went for natural shades, so instead opt for rosy colours on your cheeks, eyelids and lips.Build up your eye colour with warm browns or plum, lining your lashes for definition, then use pastel pink over your lid to soften your look. Here is a great place to add a little shimmer.The light use of blusher across your cheekbones and a rosy pink tint on your lips gives you extra colour while still appearing natural.Purples

But as the wedding season will no doubt be extended into autumn, you may want a little more colour and on the Fall 2020 Bridal Fashion Week, purple lip colouring brought a warm glow to the models faces.In the autumn, berry colours are a flattering choice which some brides might find unusual, but it’s worth trying for a bold look.Colour

However, the closer to winter you get, the more colour you may want to use, so you don’t pale into the background.

The use of bronze or shimmer on your eyes and cheeks will mean you carry on your summer glow for a healthy warm look when the season grows darker.Some make up tips to make sure you pull off a professional look. If you have a brand you prefer, stick with it. Your skin is used to it and changing brands for your big day could have a negative impact on your hair.The same applies with any skin care regime. If you’re going to give yourself a facial, start well in advance of your wedding for the best results.Finally, PRACTICE. Do not leave this for the last minute. Instead, practice your hair and your makeup together so you can be comfortable and confident on the day that you will pull off the perfect look.

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