Dresses with Sleeves

As the weather turns colder, wedding dresses with sleeves are an option for keeping yourself warm while still looking gorgeous. There are several different styles of sleeves, so it’s worth looking at them to find out which ones are right for you.

Invisible Sleeves

Using lace, these sleeves can’t be seen from a distance and create the illusion of your dress’s main pattern extending magically over the rest of your arm.

This style of sleeve is best for the summer months unless you’re the sort of person who doesn’t feel the cold or are planning on having another layer to cover up with.


Caplets are very short. They just cover the tops of your arm and hug the line of your shoulder. They continue the detail of your dress without any fabric underneath. If you want sleeves, this is the sort of style you want for your summer wedding.

Flutter Sleeves

Flutter sleeves are ideal for a whimsical, feminine look. The fabric falls freely over your upper arm, creating movement as you do and softening your edges.

Off the Shoulder

For a romantic look, then an off-the-shoulder style of sleeve is the right one for you. It has become quite a popular look with brides recently as it allows you to show skin in a sexy chic way.

Similar while still being different is the bishop sleeve which leaves your shoulders bare yet giving you full sleeves.

Solid Sleeves

During autumn and winter, solid sleeves are just the thing for keeping brides looking stunning and feeling warm. Sleeves that come down to your wrist will give a chic modern style as well as providing warmth.

Bell Sleeves

Bell sleeves will give you added drama for your big day; they open at the cuff for fuller sleeves and can also flare for maximum impact. Despite the extra material, they are suitable for summer weddings as well as winter weddings if you chose the right fabric.

All these styles work for wedding dresses and can be adapted for the time of year to provide warmth if needed, or you can accessorise with a cape or wrap for a winter princess look.


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