Dried Flowers

A big trend in wedding flowers for 2019 is dried flowers. For a relaxed, vintage or Boho wedding, a bouquet made entirely of dried flowers will work perfectly and give you an already preserved keepsake to take home at the end of the day.

The first thing I noticed about these bouquets and arrangements is the colour. It’s like a filter has been put over them, muting the vibrancy you get from fresh flowers and changing it to vintage. Instead of paling your bouquet, it elevates them from the expected, making them stand out. They will be a talking point for all the right reasons.

Dried flowers are not uniform when it comes to textures. Some become crisp, sharp leaves while others become feathery. This variation will give your bouquet character and a unique style, making yours stand out from any other weddings your guests go to.

You also have the option of varying the size of your bouquet meaning no style is out of bounds for you. You could have a nosegay or posy or, with the addition of grasses and reeds, you can have a cascading bouquet.

They even work as a flower hoop if you don’t want a traditional bouquet style.

You can also choose to mix and match your flowers, combining fresh and dried flowers for a spectacular bouquet. Lacy flowers like baby’s breath will bring softness to your bouquet, adding to the texture. You could also use thistles or other non-traditional leaves and foliage to play with the impact of your flowers.

Dried flowers also work in other areas of decoration. They are great for buttonholes, something uncomplicated which makes them stand out for their simplicity.

They can be used to decorate Capesthorne Hall, turning the hall into your dream Cheshire wedding venue, with the added bonus that no water is required and they won’t wilt. If you’re planning on a floral wall or an arch, then long grasses or bamboo will make a unique photo opportunity your guests will love.

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