Drink Trends for your 2018 Wedding

Getting married in 2018? There’s a lot to think about when it comes to deciding what to serve your guests as their welcome drink, toast and to accompany your meal. With an ever increasing desire to personalise your wedding day, couples are looking for even more of a unique twist to make their wedding stand out from the rest.

So, as Capesthorne Hall wedding venue, we are well poised to give you some top tipple advice. Here’s a roundup of forecast drinks trends for you to bear in mind and make sure you’re serving the best in 2018. Break the rules and mix it up a bit.


Following on from this year’s love of Champagne on Ice, 2018 will see sparkling wine take its turn in tingling taste buds. But although icy, it’s being pepped up by herbs and berries added to the glass.

Try Canti Prosecco on Ice or Freixenet Ice Cuvee Especial over Christmas, a great way to celebrate your last Christmas as singletons too!


For those not familiar with this back-of-GrandmasCupboard drink! It is a wine like beverage flavoured with various botanicals (roots, barks, flowers, seeds, herbs, and spices). Usually an ingredient to cocktails, we are now seeing an increase in popularity as a drink in its own right. Most probably due to its low alcohol volume and being a flavoursome alternative to Vodka. Fits perfectly with a woodland or natural themed wedding don’t you think?


Hmmm, not just for the Gentlemen, AND did you know whisky starts out as a beer, perhaps why pairing together beer and whisky makes for such a sensation. It seems there’s no hard and fast rules about matching up, so long as you’re enjoying it. Termed a ‘Boiler Maker’ in the U.S. it’s essentially a beer cocktail with Whisky. Why not get sampling and put together a signature drink to wow guests and get them talking around the table?


In 2015, New York’s best Sommeliers tipped Americas Wine Mag that “the volcanic island and its iconic Mount Etna were producing high-quality, polished reds and whites.” Forward to 2017 and Sicilian wine has been appearing in more supermarkets and specialist retailers. Likened to Italian wines with a crisp flavour, if you’re unsure about taking a step too far with mixing up your wedding drinks menu, why not add little difference by offering your reception guests a Sicilian wine.


You may have noticed more and more coffee shops on the high street, due to a general global coffee boom. Baristas and coffee houses are therefore creating new and interesting ways to have that ‘cuppa coffee’. If you have a summer wedding planned how about offering a cold brew to give guests something new to try. Or there are various flavoured coffees, such as those infused with Cascara and Turmeric, having great health and well-being properties.


Want to really treat your guests? You could offer a special aperitif; in 2018 desert inspired spirits such as Red Velvet, Cheesecake and clotted cream flavoured gins and vodka will be found! Certain to cause a stir amongst guests and create and sense of fun and total indulgence.


In the sharing age of posting tempting pictures of food and drink online, companies want their products to look interesting and pretty. There’s also the move towards people actively choosing healthier options such as eating more plant based foods and less meat. This extends to beverages, which are now infused with ‘healing’ herbs. One of the most common being Rosemary known for its memory boosting properties. Next year sees more unusual herbs being introduced such as lemon balm which is used in teas instead of chamomile. The availability of edible flowers is on the increase and a trend set to continue into 2018.

We hope this has given you some fun inspiration when it comes to planning your wedding and organising the finer details with your caterer/ drinks supplier.

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