Engagement Ring Trends

Many wedding celebrations have been put on hold in the last year or so. Here at Capesthorne Hall we have been helping our couples to re arrange their wedding plans, but not even a global pandemic can put a stop to engagements. . .

In this time of uncertainty, engagements seem to be booming, and the engagement ring is taking on an even greater significance.

Here is a guide to the latest trends. . .

The Halo

This popular and beautiful design features a large centre stone encircled by a ‘halo’ of smaller stones.

Whether the centre stone is round, oval or pear shaped, this design creates an elegant and stunning engagement ring.

Solitaire Pave

This design features a central stone, with several smaller stones set into the band of the ring on either side to give a maximum sparkle.

Bezel Set

This is a modern and distinctive choice, a thin metal band surrounds the stone s widest point, to hold it in place instead of the more traditional prongs.

It gives a sleek modern look, that still has a timeless feel.

Double Band

The double band or split shank style ring is a popular modern design. Essentially the ring has 2 bands instead of one, this type of ring comes in many different styles.

Coloured Gemstones

Many modern brides are opting for a coloured gemstone as an alternative to the more traditional diamonds. As well as being more affordable, they have a more vibrant and unique look. You may wish to incorporate your birthstone, or simply go for the colour you love the most!

Emeralds are particularly popular for 2021/22.


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