Wedding Entertainment

During a wedding there are periods of inactivity, for example, between the ceremony and your wedding breakfast, or the wedding breakfast and the evening. A few weeks back, we looked at ideas to fill those gaps but if you’re still searching for wedding entertainment inspiration, here are some more.


This is creative and could be a bit messy so prep some wet wipes. Give your guests a wedding book for them to leave a message in and autograph it with their finger prints. A little bit of creative silliness and a lovely keepsake for you.


Carrying on with the creative theme, you could hire a caricaturist to cover any lulls in activity. Everyone will enjoy having one made for them and comparing them to others. Check with the caricaturist to see how many they can make in the time first to avoid disappointed guests!


This would be a popular way to spend the time between the wedding breakfast and the evening event. People will have been up for hours, there will be tired feet. What better way to unwind ready for the evening than a short pamper session?

Treasure Hunt

Capesthorne Hall is a family home filled with little personal touches and a unique history. A treasure hunt for these gems will entertain your guests throughout the day.

The garden

As well as the house, Capesthorne Hall has fantastic gardens. You could create an outdoor photo scavenger hunt where your guests must find the garden’s special features and take selfies with them.

(photo by Chris Morse)

The lawn

Capesthorne Hall has large lawns, perfect for bouncy castles and bubble displays. Everyone loves bubbles regardless of their age and a good bubble artist will make the time fly by.


Do I have to say any more? As evening arrives, you announce the start of the party with a grand firework display. Stunning.


Whatever you choose to do, Capesthorne Hall has the space to accommodate it. Contact us with your ideas and we’ll work with you to make your dreams a reality.