Essential Foliage Inspiration

Foliage is the new flowers – yes, we’re afraid so. Although florals will always be timeless, the current trend favours botanical greens with not a petal in sight.

You may feel dubious about editing flowers from your wedding day (whoever heard of that?!) so here is some essential foliage inspiration.


Although weddings may have done away with flowers, they’re a way off doing away with bouquets and therefore any Bride still needs her own bunch to complete her bridal style. Foliage bouquets are wild, textured and aromatic. Consider ferns, eucalyptus, nettle and ivy, for a stunning array of nature’s best.

Altar Hanging

Venue permitting, an altar hanging is a truly unique and memorable edition to your ceremony. Surprisingly simple to create, it acts as a frame around your union. Select one favourite foliage from your florist (such as ivy) and the more the better.


Table runners, table decorations and table settings are a must for following the foliage theme. Choose your foliage carefully on these ones – nothing too prickly or dirty, as your guests will be close up! Eucalyptus has an aroma to die for so we recommend that!

Ceiling Hangers

This means foliage hanging from the rafters pretty much anywhere! Above your tables, dance floor, interspersed with balloons, you name it. If you can attach a piece of green to it, do it. The finished impact is stunning.

Miscellaneous Decoration

The foliage trend isn’t just about large-scale decoration and centre pieces, but the smaller details as well. Why not follow the botanical theme throughout your wedding, for instance on your wedding stationery, with favours and on your seating? A few other ideas are foliage on your cake, a foliage hair garland and sprigs on napkins.