Essential Overskirts

2019 has seen a rise in the number of brides opting for two looks on their wedding day. Having two dresses is likely to be expensive and not something every budget can stretch to. However, there is an alternative for those of us who want different styles for the day and the evening but are having to keep an eye on the purse strings; overskirts.

If you’ve never heard of these before, overskirts are exactly what they sound like, another skirt that goes on top of your dress skirt. It can give you volume and texture during the day, adding a touch of drama as you walk because they billow around you, then can be removed for a sleeker, party style for the evening.

Or it could give you a mermaid tail look without restricting your legs if you love the look but aren’t sure on how well you’ll move.

For a shorter dress, the overskirt provides length or even becomes your train for your ceremony and photos, and you can remove it later for freedom of movement when you’re having your breakfast or dancing in the evening.

They’re also an exciting addition to a trouser suit giving the modern bride a compromise between tradition and rebelling for a chic, forward trend look.

An overskirt gives you options and there are options on how you get hold of one too. Some wedding dresses are designed with this feature which guarantees you the overskirt will complement your dress.

Other options are to buy the overskirt separately and this gives you freedom to shop around and play with the look you want until you find your dream combination. You can go big and bold or something more ephemeral to give you a softer edge and give the appearance of height.

For me, overskirts are essential for brides who can’t decide what they want, or who want two distinct looks for their wedding, but don’t want to blow their budget.

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