Essentials for an Autumn Wedding

I love the autumn. It’s my favourite time of year. I love the rich colours, the temperature, cool enough for jumpers but too warm for coats. I love the longer nights, the warming food and kicking my way through leaves. Unsurprisingly, I got married in the autumn. If you’re having an autumn wedding like I did, here are some essentials for an autumn wedding to use the best of the season to your advantage.


It’s the colours that draw me more. Reds, golds, browns. So rich and vibrant, they make great colours for weddings. You can use the colours subtly, hints in your decoration or bouquet, or you can make a grand statement and have the whole wedding party wearing them. The limits of how and wear you use those colours are down to your personal tastes.

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We have looked at autumn flowers before but they’re worth revisiting. Autumn flowers, like sunflowers, are eye-catching. You could also use harvest themed foliage for your flowers to give an extra autumnal feel.

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You could embrace typical autumn themes such as the harvest or Halloween depending on your tastes. Using an abundance of fruit for decoration or mini sheaths will give a harvest feel to your wedding. Don’t forget the pumpkins. Nothing says harvest like pumpkins.

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Or, if Halloween is your thing decorating your venue and finding favours will be easy and fun. It’ll give your guests a wedding to remember. You can use traditional Halloween games to entertain your guests during the quiet periods of the day.

Woodland weddings are ideal for the autumn. Rustic and outdoors, perfect for bohemian brides, it has all the necessary elements. A relaxed atmosphere using natural outdoor decorations. It’s the right style of wedding to make the most use of all that autumn has to offer, including the temperature


When looking at caterers for both your breakfast and evening food, check for locally produced seasonal food. This will support local businesses, its better for the environment and the flavours will be amazing because they are in season.

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There are loads of ways you can accessorise the autumn into your outfit. Your wedding jewellery is a great way to show off your love of all things autumn. And don’t forget your hair. However you style it, you can find clips, combs, tiaras that will make you an Autumn Queen.

Left to Right: SixpennyBride, Spearmint and Thyme, beretkah

I hope all these ideas give you some inspiration to embrace the autumn as part of your wedding. It certainly makes me want to do it all again.