Eternally Inked

When I think about all the people I know, more than half of them have tattoos. That includes my husband and myself. Tattoos have become a big part of our culture with people commemorating big events in their life. So, it isn’t surprising then that couples are choosing to have mementos of their wedding day on their skin to be eternally inked.

Before we get to the cool stuff, here are some things to think about before you get it done if this is your first. A tattoo is like a new pet, it is for life. Be comfortable with where you’re having it because it is going to be there a long time.

The second is they can take weeks to recover so don’t opt for one the week before your wedding or it may be sore and flaky on your big day. Also, sun and prolonged exposure to water can affect your tattoo too, so just before your honeymoon may not be a great idea either.

If you definitely want it for your wedding day, for photos and things like that, then get yourself in about a month to six weeks beforehand.

Tattooed wedding bands can replace the real thing. Harder to lose because they never come off. This is a good idea if you want something discreet. Other subtle options are having your wedding date, either in numbers or Roman numerals, for something a little different.

Crowns are also a popular choice. With some variations in the design you can have matching crowns, perfect for a king and queen, and these can be as little or as large as your confidence allows.

Bigger designs include a version of your wedding bouquet that will never die. This is great for people like myself who prefer pictures over words. You can opt for a black outline or use your wedding colour to highlight detail.

And as a final idea, for couples who’ve been married a while, rings like tree rings are a great way to proudly mark each decade you’ve been together. Or more often if you get addicted to it.


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