Fabulous Fishtails

When looking for your wedding dress, there are so many different styles it’s hard to know where to start. This week we’re looking at fishtail dresses. Also known as mermaid or trumpet style dresses, these fabulous gowns make the most of your hourglass figure for a sophisticated, fashion-forward look. Here are some things to consider when choosing this style.

The design is simple. It hugs your upper body until your knees then it flares out, like a mermaid or fish’s tail.

Image source – Karentino Bridal

The actual point of flaring can vary, but it is always between your thigh and knee.

Image source – Ronald Joyce Bridal Norma

There is plenty of opportunity for design with this style. You can have a pattern running over the length of your dress, or just the bodice or just the flare.

Image Source – Ellis Bridals

Most styles are sleeveless but there are also some great halter neck or lace shoulder designs which won’t affect the clean lines of this ultra-modern dress.

Image Source – Bridal Reloved Street

Image source – Enzoani

The size of the skirt can also vary from just around your legs to something more extensive, giving you a train just like a more traditional dress.

Image Source – Grace Philips Designs

Image source – Eddy K

This style can limit your movement so when getting measured up, don’t stand with your feet together. Stand legs shoulder-width apart so you get a flattering fitting that allows you to move. Another way to free up your movement is to chose softer fabrics like lightweight silks and satins.

Image source – Suzanne Neville

Image source – Bridal Reloved Street

Another great thing about this dress, is the style is a statement all on its own. You don’t need to go all out accessorising. A simple veil is the perfect accompaniment, making sure your dress is the focus.

Image source – Maggie Sottero

Image source –Ronald Joyce Bridal Lucinda

A final thought to consider is the best underwear for this dress. The last thing you want is a VPL (visible panty line) on all your wedding photos. Seamless garments are essential for this design.

Image source – Ronald Joyce Bridal Arcadia

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