Fantastic Floral Wedding Cakes

Cake is important. From the first mouthful they bring joy and happiness and, of course, beautiful cakes go the extra mile because they make you hungry with just your eyes. And as the weather gets colder and flowers are less dominant in our landscape, what better subject to look at than floral wedding cakes to brighten up your day.

Floral is one of the top trends for 2018 and I see no reason why it won’t continue into 2019. This cake incorporates that trend with sparkles and textured icing. You can add your own detail to the top tier to personalise it.

Using glitter, ruffles, florals, and marble effect can create highly elaborate and show stopping cakes whether you have three or four tiers.

It’s the little details that make a cake. Here the use of colour, white through to grey, is elegant and eye catching. Of course, you can change the colour to match your own scheme.

If you prefer cupcakes over a single cake, then this is a perfect idea. Each one is a slightly different cake, so your guests will have something unique and special for them.

This cake stands out for all the right reasons. Square instead of round, calla lilies rather than roses, rich, royal pinks over pastels.

You can use any flowers you want if roses aren’t your thing. In this example uses succulent desert flowers with a geometric shape for height. The pink marble effect ties everything together.

This four-tier floral cake is perfect for a woodland wedding. The bottom tier is textured like bark while the upper levels give the appearance of real flowers used, like trailing wisteria. It’s like a dream made real.

Local cakes designers have made each of these cakes. You can have this level of beauty and support local businesses.