Father of the Bride Gifts

On their wedding day, most couples want to buy a gift for the father-figure who has helped them throughout their lives. I’ve put together some of the best ideas I’ve found on the internet for inspiration. Because most of these can be personalised, you can gift most of them to anyone important to you.

For the father who likes the odd drink, this bohemian crystal decanter and glass set is a perfect gift. It’s elegant and stylish, a great ornament as well as a useful item.

If glass is the material of choice, but without the alcohol, then this Dartington Crystal clock is another unique and useful gift. You can choose to personalise it or leave it clear.

While looking for gifts, I noticed there were lots of examples of pocket watches. They captured my imagination as they’re not something we see often but are stylish and chic. The examples I found are a classic gift with a modern twist.

Another traditional gift is a set of cuff-links. These ones are personalised with the date and message on a plain disc, but you can find others with patterns or designs and still have the personalised information on the other side.

Sometimes the smallest gifts hold the most powerful message. This textured pewter key ring is a discreet gift, perfect for someone who may not be big on showing emotions, or for the man who has everything.

For something completely different, this cheese board shows another type of gift that you might consider. If your father loves cheese, or hosting dinner parties, then this is the ideal sort of gift.

And if your father is sporty over foody, then this golf set is personalised as well as being very useful when out on the golf course. You can never have too many tees.

For the gardening father, then the gift of a plant or a tree is ideal. It’s a living gift of thanks that he can tend to and benefit from for years to come. This example is an evergreen oak tree, but you can pick any plant that is meaningful to him.

A framed poem is such a sentimental gift that your father is bound to be touched by. Putting into words the sort of relationship you have with your dad, this poem can be placed where he can see it every day to remind him of the day.

This is such a unique and thoughtful gift I’ve saved it for last. It is a double photograph frame, so you can put a picture of your parents on their wedding days alongside one from yours with a tree motif in the middle. What gift could say thank you better?


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