Femininity Redefined

If you’re stuck for a wedding colour for this year, Pantone have just announced their new Femininity Redefined Palette. These colours ‘embodies community, warmth and tactility; complex tones and strong sophisticated pastels with great depths.’

The palette consists of seven pastels, representing the diversity and complexity of women around the world.

Pastel Parchment

This a light nude colour, more suitable for make-up and accessories than bridesmaid dresses. From a distance, you might confuse your guests. It’s a perfect shade for blending with others or for a vintage wedding. It’s also a very modern choice if you want something different for your own dress.

Sea Fog
This is such a rich colour, a mixture of purple and grey, rich but matte. This is a great colour for dresses or make up. It is a great colour for flowers for a vintage style bouquet.

This subtle blend of blue and grey is as versatile as Sea Fog. If you’re planning a spring or winter wedding, this cool colour is just thing and it shades well with other colours.

This is the first of two yellow colours. This is the summery one of the two. Not quite a lemon but still refreshing and upbeat for bridesmaids and flowers, ideal for a bohemian wedding.

Golden Glow
Golden Glow is perfect for summer and autumn weddings. Its bold warm tones demand attention, a blend of sunflower and mustard, a real standout colour.

Mocha Mousse
Neutral shades are always a popular choice for bridesmaid dresses and mocha is flattering for most skin types. It’s a shade you’ll find naturally in you bouquet and flower arrangements so if you want to make it stand out as a link colour choose white flowers or go strong on the foliage.

Mellow Rose
This is more than a pink. Its warm and dusty, a great shade for make-up and accessories. However, as with Pastel Parchment, I’d maybe not use it for bridesmaid dresses because it is so natural you don’t want to confuse your guests about whether your bridesmaids are actually wearing anything.

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