Festive Tables of Treats

Tables of treats are a wedding trend that I love and, am happy to say, look set to stay. Instead of having set desserts, you have a table with lots of different desserts, so people can help themselves. And as Christmas is closer than I’d like to admit, it’s worth considering a festive table of treats for any December weddings.


You’ll be spoilt for choice setting up a traditional festive table of treats. You can serve Christmas Pudding and Christmas Cake as two separate desserts, as well as mince pies. Quite often, you can get modernised versions of these desserts as well for something a little different.

See if your venue can serve the pudding and pies warm and don’t forget options of custard or cream to serve them with.


Every year, more treats from Europe enter our Christmas menu and this is a good thing because no one ever complains about too much cake. Personally, I prefer an Italian panettone as an alternative to Christmas cake, an amaretti flavoured fruit cake which is amazing with cream.

German stollen is also very popular as are chocolate log cakes from France. You could just have a table of desserts from other countries.


It seems there are only some chocolates we ever eat at Christmas, like Matchmakers. Having them at your wedding is a great excuse to get an extra helping of these delicious treats. Plus, nothing will look more mouth-watering than bowls of eye-catching sweets just waiting for your guests to dive into.

Wedding Cake Flavours

Of course, you want to pair your wedding cake with your Christmas treats or it will just taste a little odd. Dedicate a cake tier to crowd-pleasing Christmas flavours such as chocolate orange or Baileys and you’re bound to have a hit. Buttercup Cakes, one of our recommended suppliers, would be able to give you amazing advice.

Another wintery flavour is allspice which you’ll want to pair with other spices like cinnamon and nutmeg for that unmistakable taste of Christmas.

To get you ready for the festive season, why not join us at Christmas at Capesthorne from 22nd to 24th November 2019.