Food Stations

Weddings are long and guests, particularly little ones, can get hungry. Food stations are an innovative way to stop tummies rumbling and to give people an organic way to circulate and mingle. They are extensions of the table of treats idea where all your desserts are served at one table and your guests can choose which pudding they want.

Before you set your heart on this idea, there are a few things to take into consideration. The first is whether there’s enough space in your venue for different stations. In our Lakeside Wing, there is plenty of space for food stations and a dance floor. During the warmer months, you can even use the outside for stations.

The second is whether your caterers have this facility. Some stations require more monitoring than others. It’s always worth asking the question even if you don’t see the option on their brochure or website.

If yes is the answer to both, then you need to think about what food you’re going to serve. Some food lends itself to food stations but needs lots of attention like sushi. You will have to consider the logistics of keeping sushi, or any frozen food like ice cream, fresh and edible.

Other buffet style food, like samosas, spring rolls, mini toad in the holes or a selection of cheeses, are also perfect for food stations. You can also serve a selection of hot and cold meats, and breads for people to make their own sandwiches with. These are low maintenance stations that will just need to be filled up as they run low.

There are even some stations you can manage yourself or ask a trusted friend or family member to monitor. These include popcorn or sweet stations which just need someone to open some bags and refill the containers. Be warned though, these could prove to be very popular stations and you might need a couple of people keeping an eye on them.

If food stations are an option for your wedding, then I would seriously recommend them. Everyone will remember your wedding because of them, they allow guests to move around rather than having them sit in just one space, and gives them the opportunity to eat what they want when they want. Win-win.