Four Seasons

You’ve gotten engaged! Congratulations! Take a moment to celebrate because it is a fantastic moment and deserves a proper party.

Once you’ve announced your wedding you’re bound to get the same question from everyone; have you set a date? Now, you may already know exactly when you want your wedding. If not, here are some seasonal pros and cons for you to bear in mind.


Is there anything more romantic than a spring wedding? The weather is starting to pick up, it’s getting warmer and the evenings are lasting longer.This is great for your pictures, lots of natural soft light, perfect if you want a pastel wedding. A wedding is just what people need to get them out of their winter funk. You’re also not competing with holidays so you’re more likely for people to say yes.

There are some things to bear in mind though. The weather, while better than winter, can be unpredictable. There’s a phrase of April Showers for a reason. Costs can also increase. Some venues have lower prices over the colder months. If you’re mindful of your budget it might be worth checking if your venue does this and when the cut off point for the reduced costs are and book accordingly.


Do I really need to tell you why summer is a great period to have a wedding? Great weather, longer nights, an abundance of flowers and fauna to choose for your decoration. This is the right time for an outdoor or woodland wedding. You can also have massive scope for entertainment if you fully utilise your outdoor space.

That doesn’t mean summer is perfect. The hay fever season starts at the end of spring and runs through summer. If you or your partner suffer with it, you may want to pick another season. No-one wants streaming noses and eyes on their pictures.

People with children, or who work in education, are tied to certain periods for holidays. This could impact the numbers of people who can make your wedding.

If it has to be summer, then consider having a longer engagement. Because it is such a popular time to get married, venues, suppliers and caterers get booked up early and you may have to wait to have your dream wedding.


I’m sure I’ve said it before, but the autumn is my favourite time of year. It’s still warm enough that you don’t need thermals under your dress and you can still have an outdoor wedding. The colours are bright and vibrant. If you want a bold colour scheme, autumn is the perfect backdrop for your day.

You’re less likely to be competing with other couples and their wedding and it gives people something to look forward to after their summer holidays and before Christmas.

Are there any downsides to an autumn wedding? I have to be honest and say yes. Depending on the date it could be just after the summer holidays or on the run up to Christmas when money can be tight for people. It can be cooler and the weather can be unpredictable. As I write this, the weather outside is either glorious sunshine or intense rain.


Could anything be more romantic that snow on your wedding? Not much more. You can’t guarantee snow but there are lots of little details to a winter wedding that make it stand out, like your dress. At what other time of year can you wear a cloak to get married in? Your colour theme can be bold, rich greens and reds, like Christmas. If one’s available you can have roaring fire at your breakfast. You can make your wedding cosy.

On a practical note, some venues charge less during the winter because it isn’t as popular a time to get married. Something worth remembering.

The downside of a winter wedding is the same as every other season. The weather and other people’s expenses. We live in a country with unpredictable weather. We’re used to it. You can guarantee it will be cold if you have your wedding during the winter but that’s about it. There is less natural light for the photos and you may not be able to make full use of your venue’s grounds.

Christmas can also be horrendously expensive. It’s a fact we can’t ignore. Some people may have to weigh up wedding guest costs against Christmas cost before they know if they can attend.

Each of the seasons has something unique to offer you with regards to a wedding but they all have the same things in common when it comes to negatives; the weather and cost to guests. The important thing to remember is there is always likely to be someone who can’t attend, whether because of holidays or other commitments. And the weather is so unpredictable, even a summer weather can be rained out as this year of strange weather has proven.

Just remember, do not let these hold you back. Make your plans based on what you want and roll with whatever the weather throws at you. A little rain cannot ruin the happiest day of your year.