Fuss-Free Weddings

Weddings, they’re a funny thing. You start off thinking you’ll have something simple, after all it’s just about you and your partner making a commitment to one another, but it’s easy to get carried away during the planning. So here are a few ideas for fuss-free weddings.

Electronic mail

Emails are awesome. They are quick, easy to send and free. They also don’t need that much effort to respond to either. If you’re after less fuss, consider doing away with wedding stationery and use email or social media for your invites.


I’ve said it before, I love flowers, but if we’re being honest with each other, they die. They’re used for decoration and then forgotten about. So, don’t have any real flowers and have an artificial bouquet instead. They last longer!

Guest list

This is a tricky one but ask yourself who you really want at your wedding and then only invite them. A smaller gathering of close friends and family keeps hassle to a minimum. Plus, you can’t offend a distant relative if you only invite immediate family.


See what you can make yourself. If you can bake, why not make your own cake. Or ask a friend who can bake. Or buy a plain cake from the supermarket and decorate it yourself. Whatever it is; cake, music, using your own car, save yourself the bother of liaising with suppliers and do it yourself.


Look on the high street for your dress. Some high street stores like Debenhams have their own bridal range. Elegant, classic, affordable. Check them out before making appointments with bridal shops, or go bespoke for that perfect dress.

Hair and make up

Everyone wants to look good on their wedding day and you don’t need a beautician to achieve it. You do your own make-up and hair every time you go out and you look great. At Capesthorne Hall we have a dressing room just for you, touch up your make-up and hair before you greet your guests.

So, my top tip for a fuss-free wedding is to work out what is important to you. The second tip is to stick to your plan. It’s your wedding after all.