Garden Party Lawn Games

Garden party style weddings are a popular choice for couples in 2021. They make the most of our British countryside and our good summer weather. We’ve also learned to adapt in all weathers after 2020 saw most of our social interactions taking places outside, and we appreciate being outside more too.

Capesthorne Hall is the perfect garden party wedding venue with our magnificent green spaces and woodlands. Here are some ideas for utilising that space for your guests’ maximum entertainment.

Noughts and Crosses is the perfect game for the outside, especially if you have children at the party. It’s a simple game that needs no explanation and can be reused throughout your wedding and any other event afterwards.

Think about the last time you went to a summer fete or agricultural market. You will have seen some variation of a game that involve throwing hoops over a target. Having this game at your wedding will give it a summer fete atmosphere.

Other versions of this could include a coconut shy or horseshoes.

Giant tumble tower games are also another one that is ideal for playing on the lawn. It is easy to set up, and as your wedding progresses with the alcohol flows a little freer, it will be as popular with your adult guests as your younger ones.

Another oversized family game is Connect 4, which will be fun for all the family throughout the day. Although this one is plastic, you can get ones made from different materials, including wood and foam.

For something a little different, and you can hire mini-golf set-ups that can be arranged for different abilities for your golf-mad guests. This example from The Lawn Game Company has a 9 hole course which you can spread out in our gardens.

Garden chess is a more challenging game but will be no less fun. And while in a formal setting, it is a game of two people, an outdoor game at a party is guaranteed to have people jumping in with suggestions.

Nothing is more quintessentially British than croquet at a garden party. It is a game of skill and concentration that will only get more entertaining as the evening progresses and people relax more.

People do love a bit of silliness, and having some space hoppers set up for races is just the thing. You can have some for children as well as adults, so there can be a race between the generations for inclusive fun.

Set your games around your space in clearly defined areas so equipment doesn’t get mixed together. You can use bunting to mark your game location playfully. You can also string lights which means you can continue using the games into the evening.


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