Gorgeous Name Places

People notice the little things. Sometimes what we include in our wedding is as important as what we leave out. A little thing I notice at weddings is the name cards on the tables. I have a box of them because I like to keep them. They’re beautiful works of art that tie in with the wedding’s theme. Here are ten examples of current trends in place settings for your inspiration.

Using natural materials is a good way to keep waste to a minimum and an innovated way to continue your theme. These examples are magnolia leaves with copper lettering, but you can adapt that for leaves from your bouquet and lettering colouring to match.

Another natural example are these ones made from rock, or agate gilt in gold to be exact. They are unique, tactile pieces that your guests will delight in taking home as keepsakes.

This is a gorgeous idea, combining place settings with favours. These little succulents are easy to look after and are an environmentally friendly favour that can do no harm. They would look fantastic in our contemporary Lakeside Wing – Capesthorne Lakeside

A big trend I noticed while researching place names is for hexagons. Beautiful on their own but when put together they form a honeycomb, connecting together, which is what a wedding is all about. Jigsaw pieces would work for this concept too.

Acrylic pieces are a step away from the traditional paper and are more durable. These rectangular ones are stylish and chic for a modern wedding.

For something ultra-modern, then this is example for you. Names are twisted from a piece of wire. You can match the colour of the wire to your theme, weave in other little details like fresh flowers to make them more personal.

Another rising trend I noticed was for crests on the cards like this one. You could choose the family crest of your new surname or an image that is personal to you and your husband.

This is such a romantic idea, wrapping the cutlery in the napkin and fasten it with a label for a place name. It’s a fuss-free idea and stunning in its simplicity. Who wouldn’t be wowed when they sit down to this?

And for a more formal wedding, you can use the same idea just use the fasten for the napkin so the table can still be set for the different courses.

But, sometimes, simple is best. These plain cards with the names in elegant script are eye-catching in their simplicity.

All these gorgeous name places are great, but will they make your younger guests happy? Probably not, so do something a little different and give them personalised colouring place mats as a memento for the day.

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