Groom Trends

When it comes to weddings, more and more men are looking towards the latest fashion trends for inspiration to incorporate their style in their big day. Gone are the days where men are restricted to morning suits and here are the latest rising groom trends of 2020.


Who doesn’t love tweed? It’s hard-wearing, functional, and stylish. Colour can be adapted to match your scheme. It is ideal for the whole day or as a second suit for later in the day.

Double-Breasted Jackets

A double-breasted suit is just the style to make your groom stand out from his groomsmen and the rest of the men at the wedding.


Velvet blazers are a real statement of individuality. Sleek and fitted, they look ultra-smart and they work for all styles of wedding from formal to boho as they are not restricted by colour.


Colour is really important. While brides might voluntarily restrict themselves to white or ivory, using their flowers to express themselves, grooms don’t have the same traditional aspirations they dream of upholding.


For the ultimate in personal statements, then choose a patterned jacket. This works really well if the groom is in an individual jacket while the groomsmen focus on one style, like the example above where the groom is in a double-breasted jacket while his men are in single buttoned jackets.


If you’re wondering about what shoes to wear, then loafers are growing in popularity. They’re comfortable, which is just important for men as for women, and they look the part, suitable for formal or more relaxed weddings. No wonder they’re so popular.


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