Groom’s Speech

It’s time to round up our series on speeches with the one that seems like the hardest; the groom’s speech. As the groom, you have no one to focus on, unlike the best man who will dredge up all your most embarrassing moments. Or your new father-in-law who will talk about how wonderful your wife/his daughter is. But it needn’t be a stress, just follow these simple rules and it’ll be a piece of wedding cake.


It’s your job to thank all the people who helped you put the wedding together. This requires you to have some knowledge of who’s done what but since you’ve been an active participant in organising your wedding, that won’t be difficult. Right? If in doubt though, just ask. The bride or maid of honour will definitely know who’s done what.

And don’t forget your squad either. Women are always the highlight at weddings, but men do a lot of work too, like planning stag do’s, suit fittings, and organising people on the day. They deserve recognition for this.


The bride’s family gets a lot of attention on your wedding day so don’t forget your own. They’ve helped shape you into the man your bride wanted to spend the rest of her life with. If there’s anything they’ve done for the wedding, like suit hunting or getting you to the venue on time or any special thanks for a particular moment in your life, then tell everyone.

The In-Laws

A word or two about your new in-laws is a great idea. You could talk about the first time you all met and how they’ve welcomed you into their family.


There are usually gifts for different people like your mothers or the bridesmaids. Make sure these are at hand and labelled before you start so you don’t give the wrong person the wrong thing.


Lastly, it’s your turn to share your thoughts on your wife. This is not an opportunity to embarrass her. Good moments to share are the first time you met, or how you proposed to her, because they can be funny or touching. People can relate to them. Some of your guests could even have been involved in your meeting or staging your proposal.

So, there you have it. Five points to include in your speech, each one followed by a sip, that’s a sip, not a gulp, of something sparkly. If it still feels like a bit of a monumental task, then do what my husband did and let your bride write it for you. Just don’t leave it until five minutes before the speech to read it.