Grooms Trends

When we think of fashion for the groom, we probably tend towards the traditional, a morning suit with top hat and tails, or possibly a tuxedo. However, just as there is no one size fits all for women this is also true for men and there are some weddings where the traditional look will really kill the atmosphere you’re going for. We’ve put together some fabulous grooms trends to show there are as many choices for men as there are for women.

For 2019 there is a new trend towards alternative colours for men than just black or grey. Lighter colours are becoming more popular.

This is a great way for men to express themselves in their fashion choices as much as women can. Once, socks and the inner lining of jackets were the only way for men to bring a little personality to their outfits but both of those were usually hidden.

Now, playful designs are in and widely available to suit all budgets. While we all want our men to look their best on their wedding day, after all it is about them too, we have to recognise what works for them.

Think about it, if you’re having a bohemian style wedding with lots of seasonal florals and a minimalist dress, your groom will be out of place with a top hat.

And, of course, it won’t be just the groom but his support group as well. Every guy loves to dress up, it they tell you otherwise they’re probably not being truthful, and nothing is more stylish than a group of well-dressed men bucking tradition at a wedding.

If you don’t want something completely different, you could keep the style but play with the colour. Light coloured wedding suits are not just for beaches. They’re great for keeping cool during hot summer weddings. Why not consider a relaxed outdoor wedding by the lake at Capesthorne – Outdoor weddings

And as a final thought, if you haven’t seen Taylor Swift’s new song with Panic! At the Disco front-man, Brendan Urie, where have you been? It’s a fantastic song and the outfits are so confident they’re liberating, a perfect example of personality and style.

But Brendan isn’t the only one who can pull off amazing styles like this. If your fella will own this look and it fits your wedding, then Rockstar chic is definitely the way to go. It’s your wedding and you both have to be comfortable.

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