Harry Potter Wedding Cakes

If you’re having a Harry Potter wedding, see last week’s blog for inspiration, then you’re going to need the perfect cake to really steal the show.

What’s there not to love about this cake? It fits the criteria for a traditional wedding cake whilst also being dedicated to the subplot of endless love, which changes one of the most hated antagonists to a tragic hero with one word.

Continuing with the “Always” theme this cake incorporates Harry’s Patronus which matches his father’s as well as fitting in with Snape’s lasting tribute to his mother, and the symbol for the three deathly hallows for the A.

Of course, people loved Harry Potter long before we realised what Snape’s issue with Harry was really about. It is playful and fantastical. Maybe it was the boarding school element which hooked you so either of these cakes will be perfect for you.


Instead of a tier cake, this idea gives you four separate cakes, one for each house in Hogwarts, complete with colours, motto, and house emblem. Let your guests sort themselves by the cake they choose.

If you and your husband are both in the same house, then wear your colours with pride topped with a sorting hat and Quidditch snitch. Perfect for die-hard Potterheads.

There were more locations in Harry Potter than just the school and this cake embraces them all with the school, Platform 9 ¾ and Diagon Alley.

There are alternatives to having a full cake dedicated to Harry Potter, or if you want a table of treats, then look at cupcakes for extra magic in your day. These are great for kids as well as they can pick their favourite character or Potter emblem.

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