Hen Party Survival Kit

Before the wedding season comes the hen party season and these can be just as tiring. So here are a few essentials for your hen party survival kit to help you through.

Shoe Gel Pads

I love shoes. They are things of beauty and you can never have too many. But, oh my, can they hurt! Some gel insoles will provide support and comfort so you’re still smiling at the end of the night, not grimacing.

Party Play List

Tunes! Put together a playlist of your favourite anthems for getting ready to. You’ll be just as up for your twelfth hen party as your first.


Have hen party make-up and keep it separate to your every day make-up. That way it will always feel special when you put it on.

Cooling eye mask

This is for the day after. A night of partying can wreak havoc on our skin and having an eye mask in the fridge will reduce puffy eyes. You can put them next to a bottle of water to take any painkillers you may need in the morning!

Phone charger

Your phone must be fully charged for all the pictures and videos of your bride’s fantastic celebration of her single life! Make sure you always charge up before leaving the house.

If the hen party is abroad, here are a few extra things for you to consider.

Sun Cream and After Sun

Abroad hen parties are a great way to top up your tan naturally, but please be safe and have sun cream and after sun handy. You don’t want to look like a lobster on the pictures.


Some cities have taxes for over night stays. Check whether your destination does and keep that money separate from your spends.

Mini deodorant

Available from most brands, mini bottles of deodorant are perfect for slipping in your travel bag. They take up less space and weigh little, crucial when sticking to baggage allowances.


So, there you have it. A few essential items to have in your kit bag and you’ll always be bright and fresh for your hen parties. These items also double up for your wedding kit bag too!