Holy Trinity Chapel At Capesthorne

Holy Trinity Chapel At Capesthorne

If you have visited the Capesthorne estate, or viewed our wedding facilities with our events team, you will no doubt have discovered the hidden gem that is the private family chapel.

Couples who choose to have a civil ceremony at Capesthorne have the option to choose a wedding blessing within this beautiful chapel.

The blessing service will normally include your chosen songs or hymns, prayers, a reading by a friend or family member, and a blessing of your wedding rings by the vicar or priest. You may both also wish to make a statement of your promises to each other as husband and wife.

If your parents would prefer a Church wedding this can be a great compromise.

It can also be a preferred choice of couples where one or both partners are marrying for the second time.

It is a simple service acknowledging the commitment you have made to each other as husband and wife during the civil ceremony, and asks for Gods blessing and guidance in your new life together.

The Holy Trinity Chapel at Capesthorne was consecrated in 1722, and has been at the heart of many family weddings and celebrations over it’s history.

It has many stunning architectural features, including seven beautiful stained glass windows, although the jewel in the crown has to be the breath-taking mosaic which surrounds the altar. It was designed and created in 1887 by the Salviati Brothers from Venice.

Many couples find it to be a beautiful and spiritual way of confirming their commitment to each other, and it can add an extra special dimension to your wedding day.

To arrange a viewing of the estate and our wedding locations, simply call our office and speak to one of our friendly team who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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