How to Choose Your Venue

If you’re looking for a wedding venue, the questions you need to ask have changed a little from 2019. Questions about size and flexibility are more important than ever, so here are some things to consider when looking at venues.

How big is the wedding venue?

You want to make sure your venue is big enough to separate families on appropriately distanced tables and to give everyone space at the bar and for dancing. However, you don’t want such a large room that your fifteen strong wedding party are lost. You want spaced intimacy.

What outdoor space is available?

The government are encouraging holding as much of your wedding outside, so ensuring you have ample outdoor space is a must. You can use an un-walled gazebo as shelter, or a walled one if it is large enough for appropriate social distancing. And as it gets colder, a few outdoor heaters will make sure the space is still usable. It’s important to check whether the grounds are included in the price.

How many hand washing stations are available?

Even in the middle of your wedding, you want to promote regular hand washing. Understanding what stations are available for people might be critical for you in making your final venue decision. You don’t want to create a bottle-neck where people are bunched together, waiting to wash their hands.

Is Track and Trace in place?

Businesses are required to have a Track and Trace QR code. This should be evident straight away as venues should be asking you to scan in when you arrive to look around. You can do your own track and trace if you want, after all, you should already have the contact details of your guests. But if your venue will handle that for you, then it is one less stress for you.

How much of the wedding can be held at the venue?

If a church ceremony isn’t a must for you, then choosing a venue that can host your ceremony too is a no-brainer. It will reduce the number of locations your guests need to be at, which will minimise risk to them, lower travelling time and give you fewer people to work with. That’s definitely a win-win for you.

What contingency is in place if there is an outbreak at the venue?

This is a question you need to ask every supplier involved at your wedding, not just your venue. If there is an outbreak that will affect the delivery of an aspect of your wedding, you need to know quickly. Also ask what the options are to postpone your wedding if needed.

With third party suppliers, check if they have reciprocal arrangements with other suppliers who can pick up delivery of any services if they have to self-isolate.

Also check flexibility and fees if you, your partner or a key member of your wedding party must self-isolate.

You will get a lot of information on your venue tours, and other questions will occur to you depending on the answers you get. I recommend having a pen and notepad with you, or making notes on your phone so you remember everything. Getting the answers to these questions should put your mind at ease about how your wedding will go ahead.


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