How To Make A Table Plan

How To Make A Table Plan

Putting your table plan together can be one of the most stressful parts of organising your wedding.

I am sharing some practical tips and advice to make this task far easier!

Why Have A Table Plan?

From a small and intimate venue to a stately home wedding, having a table plan guarantees everyone will have a seat. Your close family will be sitting where you want them, and it will help the caterers immensely if they need to identify guests who may have specific dietary needs.

It will ensure a smooth and stress free seating process for everyone.

Key Guidelines

  1. Decide on your guest list well in advance and check the capacity of your wedding venue before booking.
  2. Obtain a room layout from your venue so that you can decide on the amount of tables you need and how they will be configured on the day.
  3. Set your RSVP date at least one month before the wedding, and keep your list on a spreadsheet.
  4. Why not download table planning software to take the headache out of the task, you can upload your guest list, drag and drop them in and out of your plan, name your tables, and print off a completed diagram to give to your wedding venue and caterer.
  5. Go through your RSVP list and check everyone is accounted for. If there is anyone you haven’t had confirmation from, give them a quick phone call.
  6. Before the wedding, give your table plan to a trusted friend or family member, who can resolve any last minute hiccups on the day on your behalf.

Top Tips When Planning

  1. Don’t involve too many people in this task, preferably just the two of you.
  2. Group people together who will get on well, couples with children, groups of friends etc.
  3. Seat larger groups of people first, then you can find places for people who are harder to seat.
  4. Seat your closest family and friends nearer to the top table .
  5. If you have guests who are elderly or disabled, be mindful to seat them comfortably, and close to facilities they may need, such as disabled access and toilets.
  6. Don’t discuss your table plans in advance, as guests may wish to reorganise your plan/ request a seat in a certain place which may send you back to the drawing board!
  7. Leave the printing or writing of your final plan until the last minute, in case any guests drop out and you need to quickly reorganise.

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