How To Reuse Your Wedding Flowers

It’s a sad fact that many beautiful wedding flowers simply go to waste after the celebrations are over. I have compiled a few ideas for how to reuse/recycle your beautiful blooms after the wedding.

With a little thought and planning you can extend the life of your flowers and even use them to create a lasting memory of your special day.

On The Day

The simplest of ideas is to let your guests take some flowers home with them. You could arrange to have a flower table towards the exit of your venue so that guests can stop by and take some flowers away as a wedding favour.

Dry Your Flowers

Dried flowers are back in style, it’s a simple process to hang your flowers in small bunches in a warm dry place such as an airing cupboard or above a radiator. You can use them to decorate your home or give them to friends.

Press Your Flowers

Pressed flowers can be made into lovely works of art, displayed between glass in a frame. If you’re not confident enough to do this yourself, there are specialised companies who can create a design for you to display on  your wall.

Make Your Own Pot Pourri

Our sense of smell is very evocative. For a lovely reminder of your wedding day you could turn some of your flowers into pot pourri to place around your home.

Tutorials on how to do this can easily be found on the internet.

Remember Loved Ones

Some couples choose to take some of their wedding flowers as a tribute to close family members who are no longer with them. This is a lovely way to share your wedding with your loved ones who have passed .

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