How to See Everyone at Your Wedding

Recently, my sister got married and the next day we played the game of “Name the People You Didn’t Talk to.” I’m sure you’re familiar with it. My sister rattled off this long this of people she just hadn’t been able to get around to for one reason or another and it got me thinking, how to see everyone at your wedding?

Dinner Before

This is a tradition in my family. The immediate family gets together the night before and we share a meal. This meant when we barely saw each other on the day, other than the obvious congratulations, it didn’t matter because we had already said it all the night before.


You can arrange to meet everyone for breakfast the next day. Not too early obviously, but getting together the morning after means you can see anyone you didn’t get chance to and who might need to get away early, say those with young kids or have a long way to go home.

Afternoon Tea

My cousin did this. With the invites for her wedding were invites to afternoon tea the next day. This is a great way to take off the pressure of making sure you get around everyone because you know you’re going to see them the next day. Plus, everyone loves a good afternoon tea. A lovely end to a fantastic day.


If the weather is good enough and you have the space, why not throw an after party. A nice relaxed afternoon/evening looking at photos and videos and catching up on all the things you might have missed.

Or, if you’re heading off for your honeymoon straight away, arrange this for when you get back. That way you can talk about your honeymoon at the same time.

No Seating Plan

This is ultra-relaxed. Instead of telling your guests where they’re sitting, let them, and you, sit wherever you want. This means you can move from table to table, chatting to everyone.

The Bar

You know the most popular place at a wedding besides the buffet? The bar. Find a good spot near the bar and you’re practically guaranteed to see everyone. And you’ll never be short of a drink, so it’s a win-win.

Photo credit – Chris Morse

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you see the people who’ve made the greatest effort to be there.