Icy Florals

As we enter into the cold season, icy florals are an innovative and captivating way to use winter as a theme in your wedding. Flowers encased in ice look amazing and depending on the clarity of the ice, they could have either an ephemeral water-colour feel or a bold expression of colour.

Whatever flowers you are using, arranging them and having them frozen in ice blocks will give you a centre-piece with maximum wow factor. There is something magical about working with ice, whether ice carvings or frozen floral designs, that will set your wedding apart from others.

Perfect for all types of weddings, the stunning visual effect of icy florals can be added to, by using complimentary lightning. Whether a simple white, a shade of the colours you’re using for your theme or a contrasting colour for extra effect.

Just remember they may need some maintenance to keep them cold. Also, it’s best not to use them for every decoration or you will reduce their impact, as well as needing to provide everyone with warm coats.

You can have individual frozen flowers, rather than a big bouquet, to use as subtle decoration to complement your table of treats if you’re having one of those. If you are having a big display, it can also serve as a backdrop for photographs.

For something completely different, freeze roses in ice cubes and use them in drinks. As roses come from the same family as strawberries, they can be eaten as well.

Or, if eating them is a little too much, or if you’re using inedible flowers, use them to keep bottles cool. Both floral ice cubes and drinks’ coolers are unique ideas all year round, not just during the winter months.

Why not contact our suppliers to see if they can help with your icy floral ideas.