Immersive Weddings

Immersive Weddings are a rising trend among brides and grooms who are looking for something different. These weddings change your day from an event to an experience that plays on all our senses.


I think we can all agree on the impact lighting can have on our mood as well as events; just think about how Christmas lights make you feel.

We can use that in our weddings by using fairy lights to guide guests through your venue to different parts of your wedding. They can light the way to your reception, wedding breakfast and evening party, drawing your guests further into your celebrations.

Depending on the size of your tables, covering them with a net of fairy lights will create a magical, romantic experience that no one will forget.


Flowers are another way of creating a path through your venue. On their own, or along with string lights, trails of flowers will make your wedding fairy-tale like. You can also add foliage to give the impression of walking through a magical forest and using seasonal flora and fauna will tie the inside and outside together. Bunting is another option in place of flowers or lights.

For immersive weddings, arches are a fantastic idea. They formally mark the movement from one area to another, taking your guests to the heart of your wedding, whether that is your wedding breakfast, cake cutting or evening party. With each arch, you’re building wonder and excitement.

For the technically minded, video mapping (projecting pictures and videos on flat surfaces) is ideal for creating an immersive atmosphere without using other decorations.


Music also impacts the mood of your wedding. A solo violinist, harpist or gentle piano music during your reception and wedding breakfast will create a relaxed, soothing atmosphere for your guests. Quiet background music will fill any awkward silences whilst simultaneously being a conversation starter.

Just be careful the music doesn’t take over. You don’t want something so loud that people can’t hear themselves talk.


Another way to immerse your guests is to use scented candles in your decoration. You can use something welcoming like vanilla or seasonal such as pine or spiced apple for Christmas. This idea can be used  for some, or all, of your candles.

Another option is to accentuate your flowers by picking candles to match or contrast. Suppose you already have lots of flowers in your decoration? In that case, similar scented candles can be overpowering, especially if they’re something strong like lilies. Contrasting natural scents will cut through any floral heaviness and will treat your senses, not kill them.

However, you can use candles that smell like the more delicately fragranced flowers in your bouquet, helping every little detail of your floral arrangement shine.


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