Wedding Kilts

Today, we’re looking at one for the boys because they have more fashion options than a formal morning suit. For any man who wants to honour his Scottish, Irish or Welsh heritage wedding kilts are the way to go.

The full formal outfit is more than just the kilt, of course. As with a morning suit, there is a jacket and waistcoat which is styled to your preference. There a few different elements to formal highland wear for you to be aware of.

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Maybe you already know what your tartan is but if you’re not sure you can check online. There are loads of websites which will find your tartan or the region your family name came from if your specific tartan isn’t commercially made anymore, like my father-in-law’s.

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And if your considering going without underwear, check with your supplier. Some of them insist on underwear and for good reasons!

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Your sporran is, in essence, a bag. There are no pockets in a kilt and you don’t want to ruin the line of you jacket, so a sporran is the perfect solution for keeping hold of those things you’ll need for the day.

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Sgian Dubh

Phonetically pronounced scheeeian doo, the sgian dubh is an ornamental knife. Originally, they were concealed daggers for protection, but over time their function has changed and you tuck them into the top of your socks. If you’re concerned about having knives at your wedding, you don’t need to. The blades are dull, they are just for decoration.

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Kilt Pin

Do not overlook the kilt pin. It might be small, but it serves a face-saving role. It keeps the corner of your kilt down so a mistimed gust of wind won’t reveal whether you’ve gone traditional or not with your undergarments. These can be utilitarian, plain and simple, or decorated with clan crests.

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There are special socks if you’re wearing a kilt, knee length, warm socks. They used to be made from the same tartan as your kilt, but they also come in neutral colours if you prefer.

Kilts are a great idea if you have the right Celtic connection. There’s something special about all the principal men in kilts. I know this from experience. My husband chose to wear a kilt and not only was it a great talking point for the day, and easy for me to build a theme around his heritage, but the men had a great time dressing up in something different!