Lighting the Hall

Capesthorne Hall is a stunning Cheshire location for your wedding. Every time I visit I am struck by how regal and classically timeless it is. But, of course, I visit during the day. How do you make sure that guests can still enjoy the beautiful façade, and the gardens even as the sun sets?


Fairy lights are a good way to light the gardens and lead your guests from place to place at your wedding and to make sure they don’t get lost in the gardens of course. Fairy lights bring an extra aura of romance to your day and obviously can be used again for other parties, weddings, Christmas decorations.

Tiki Torches

For lighting with drama, then Tiki torches would be exceptionally effective. You can use them to mark walkways and doorways. They are also widely available. You can get them from Amazon although I’m sure plenty of other shops sell them.

Video Mapping

This is a new phenomenon which means you use the walls of your location as large screens and project your story onto it. You can also use the façade for this as well so, whether your guests are inside or out, they can always follow your journey to marriage.


Of course, there is the Hall itself. What more decoration does a Jacobean home need other than itself. By using big lights outside to pick out the regal décor. After all, you choose to get married in a place like Capesthorne Hall because of the history and style. Using sympathetic lighting you can show the guests why you chose this venue over all the others.

Environmental Considerations
Of course, with everything we do there is an environmental consideration and when it comes to leaving lights on that might not be needed, this is no different. So, my first piece of advice is rent instead of buy. This reduces waste which is fantastic. We use an amazing local lighting company called Lightech.

The other is, where possible, use electric lights with renewable power sources. During the spring and summer months, lights that use power sources can charge during the day to give you light at night.