Live Streaming Weddings

The way we hold our weddings has needed to change in 2020. With a freeze on large gatherings, we’ve had to find innovative ways around our reduced guest list. The main option available for couples is to live-stream their weddings. This means you have a select few physically present for your ceremony and your other guests watch via a streaming platform like Zoom or Teams or Messenger.

At the start of lockdown, couples needed to manage this themselves. However, companies are starting to offer packages where they take all the stress out of this for you. So what can you expect from these companies?

As you would expect, there are a variety of packages available at different costs to suit each purse. It’s also worth noting that third-party suppliers are not included in the number of people allowed at your wedding, so you don’t have to choose between guests or suppliers.

At the simplest, you can have your ceremony live-streamed to your guests. Other options include the speeches, your first dance and the cutting of the cake. The more you want to include, the greater the cost as more cameras are needed. But you will be saving money by having reduced guest numbers, so it is a good investment.

Before the big day, you are sent the details to forward on to those guests who can’t be there in person. This means your guests have plenty of warning of your timings to make sure they’re free to log on to watch all the special moments. The video is also available online for up to twelve months afterwards so it can be downloaded, perfect if someone can’t attend in virtual person.

The big plus to live streaming your wedding is that, in the end, you’ll have a comprehensive video of your wedding.

As with any wedding invitation, it is key to put things like the dress code on your invite. Although they are not there if you would like your guests to dress up then it’s only fair you let them know in advance so they can prepare.

Personally, I think live streaming weddings is a brilliant idea. It’s one of the things we’ve developed during lock-down that I hope stay with us after we start to get back to normal. It means you can invite more people and it is a little more affordable to overseas guests. Win-win for everyone.


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