Long Bridal Hairstyles

With trips to the hairdresser on hold for a little while, now is the perfect time to grow your hair and to make the decision a little easier, here are some gorgeous long bridal hairstyles for you to aspire to.

Hands-off hair was predicted as a big trend for wedding hair in 2020. With this style, there’s no extras, your luscious hair does all the work. Show off the curls for a soft, bouncy look.

Of course, you don’t have to have curls. Letting your natural waves and kinks take centre stage gives you effortless beauty you don’t have to fuss with too much.

A simple ponytail is absolutely right for wedding hair. Curly or otherwise, it is an effective way to keep your newly long hair off your face and the use of a few discreet accessories will elevate the whole look.

And then there are next level ponytails with a touch of imperfection and invisible ties as your own hair covers all the fastenings.

Somewhere in the middle is this style, the top section of your hair tied back to keep it off your face while giving you length and texture at the back. In this example, the top sides of her hair have been braided for a little extra something.

Of course, full loose looking braids are so special, especially this example with the deliberate imperfections. Perfect for women with really long, thick hair.

This look combines the two above, using three braids to create a magical, carefree look, just the style for a bohemian wedding. It also has a touch of the Khaleesi for the Game of Thrones fans among you.

And finally, if imperfections aren’t your thing, here is a sleek curly style for long hair. It’s tied back for ease, but those large curls and twists elevate it from a simple low ponytail into something stunning for your big day.

If you need help creating any of the fabulous styles above we can recommend the team at Bridal Hair & Makeup of Cheshire.