Magical Hair Accessories

I love looking at hair accessories. They serve two purposes. As well as the main function of keeping your hair the way you want it throughout the day, the right accessory can finish your look. We’ve already looked at headbands and floral crowns, so today I want to put the spotlight on smaller magical hair accessories.

I find this look fascinating with what appear to be free-floating pearls in your hair, but it is actually really easy to create. Each pearl is a pin fastened into your hair when you have achieved your perfect look.

This headpiece is beautiful and perfect for a bohemian bride. Swarovski crystals and pearls are hand strung for a magical fey look.

Hair vines can also be used as halos to create a delicate look. It’s subtle and understates, a hint of gold and pearl to finish your look, not take over.

Combs can be just the accessory you need. It is as glamorous as a tiara or headband but serves a purpose of keeping your hair in place. They’re also easier to wear again than a tiara.

This hair vine is a little different. With delicate strands, hand-wired freshwater pearls cascade down your hair for a subtle waterfall effect and is ideal if you’re going for a hands-off hair style.

If you’re tying your hair up, or have short hair, then this waterfall hair vine is just the thing. The strands are shorter and it is versatile as it will work with several styles.

Hair vines come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are quite delicate, like the ones from Debbie Carlisle, and others are quite bold. This bold one is perfect for weaving through braids or loose buns.

This set of three pins in the Art Deco style is stunning. They hold your hair in the position you want stylishly, and if you’re having a Downton Abbey themed wedding, then they fit your theme perfectly. What more could you want?

These pink organza flower clips caught my attention because they are different. While most of these examples are gold leaf, crystals and pearls, both the colour and material used for these clips makes them stand out for a softer, romantic look.

This is my favourite. It is a hair vine of ivory flowers, so you braid your hair and it holds the vine in place. Is it functional? Not really, but it is absolutely gorgeous and sometimes that’s all you need.