Meaningful Gifts for Her

Last week, we looked at gifts for brides to give their husbands on their wedding day. Today, we’re looking gifts for grooms to give brides.

If your wife-to-be has a thing about Jimmy Choo’s or Tiffany jewellery, your wedding is the definitely the day for a gift of that size. But if you are looking for some inspiration, then here are some sweet, playful, thoughtful ideas to consider.

What could be more romantic than a print of the night’s sky on the day you marry? Maybe one of the dates you and your new wife met, or you got engaged, they were significant dates, but you understand the point. The stars aligned for you during your relationship, and it brought you to this moment.

Another option is a foiled map of the important places in your relationship like the place you met, or got engaged or married, or even your planned honeymoon location. Any of these places and more can be depicted in foil as a permanent memory of your journey together.

The song for your first dance is a big decision. It represents your relationship in music. So what could be more romantic than the lyrics of your first song laser cut and framed for a beautiful picture?

This could also be gifted as a first wedding anniversary present, which is symbolised by paper.

Another romantic paper idea is this little book, The A to Z of You. The pages are embossed with the letters of the alphabet so you can handwrite the things you love about your bride that relate to that letter.

Socks may not seem like the most romantic gift, but it is all about the message that goes with them. This playful acknowledgement of how she made you feel will also keep her feet snuggly, and warm feet is a priceless gift. Practical and romantic.

Meaningful gifts come in all shapes and sizes. This one can be carried around with them at all times in a handbag or purse, and every time your wife sees it, she will be reminded of your wedding day.

These decals go on the bottom of her shoes for a loving message to commemorate your wedding day. And the best part is, everyone will see it when she kneels before the altar,

Jewellery is quite a traditional gift, and this silver necklace is a symbol of your marriage. It’s discreet and meaningful and can be her something new to wear of the day.

And for something as long-lasting and sturdy as your relationship, then gift your bride a tree. It will grow as your relationship grows, encouraging nature into your living space and positively affecting its surroundings—the perfect gift for an outward-looking couple.


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