Minimal Wedding

A growing wedding trend in 2019 is the minimalist wedding and it’s easy to understand why. Smaller weddings are better for the environment as they create less waste and use less resources. Also, people are focusing on the experience of the wedding rather than the material aspect of the wedding.

It takes confidence to have a minimalist wedding. It’s important to remember your wedding is about you and what you want, so do what makes you happy. Here are some ideas you might want to consider if this is the wedding style for you.


Ok, so I know I’ve done a bit on how to decorate the hall in the past, but the truth is, I think the hall is beautiful as it is. The hall has history, every room is decorated with something unique, one of a kind pieces you won’t find anywhere else like the Renaissance busts in the Corridor and Sculpture Hallway. Why cover that up with flowers or bunting? There is no impact to the environment if you use the decorations already there.

Whole Wedding Approach

You can have all aspects of your wedding at Capesthorne Hall from staying over the night before all the way through to your first morning together as a married couple.

Other than getting to and from the hall in the first place, there is no travelling. No carbon emissions from cars, because unless you’re an uber-efficient driver of an electric car, all vehicles give off some fumes.

Table Layout

Is the table layout really important to you? How many tablecloths is too many? Do the chair backs actually need covers? These are all valid questions. For a minimalist wedding, do away with the fuss at the table and make sure people only have what they actually need, like cutlery, plates, napkins and glasses. Your guests will thank you that they have elbow space and aren’t swamped with so much frill they can’t move.


When choosing favours, be thoughtful. Edible gifts are good, because there’s limited waste. Or you could give the portion of your budget allocated to favours to a charity. Both of these reduce plastic waste going in the bin, are more impactful and come with limited fuss.


Who is important to you? Who matters? If it’s your great-grandma, then invite her. If it’s your next door neighbour who’s always there in an emergency, then invite them. If you never speak to your mum’s cousin, then don’t invite them. It’s a bit ruthless, but don’t get caught up in guilt-inviting because you’ll regret it later.

Plus, fewer guests means less of your budget is spent on catering meaning you can spend more on those aspects of the day that mean the most to you. Because after all, it is your day, so let’s do it right.

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