Mismatched Bridesmaid Dress Palettes

Mixing up your colours and styles of bridesmaid dresses is a top trend in 2021, and looks set to continue into 2022.

Gone are the days of your bridesmaids having to wear identical dresses, after all  –  we women are all different shapes, sizes and heights, each with our own personality. This trend for mismatching allows your bridesmaids to feel confident in the way they look, and lets their individuality shine through.

There are a few rules to follow to get this look, as long as you stay within certain boundaries you can’t go wrong!

Provide your bridesmaids with your chosen colour palette, and let them each decide which colour suits them the best.

If you have a maid of honour you may choose to dress her in the boldest/ brightest colour.

Antique Rose, Blush Pink , Ivory, Taupe

These colours look so beautiful all together, a little twist on a neutral palette, to give a unique and interesting look!

Golden Brown, Burnt Orange, Copper, Bronze

This is a fabulous Autumnal palette, the colours are so warm and rich. When choosing your fabric think luxury satins, silks, or velvet .

Garnet, Burnt Orange, Sage Green, Denim, Olive Green

Don’t be scared to mix bolder colours together, each bridesmaid can choose the colour that represents them the best, and for an autumn wedding, a colour palette like this really works.

Blanched Almond, Blush, Tan, Wheat

If you love the neutral look this is a great way to put a more interesting take on the neutral palette. A great tip with this look is to choose some form of embellishment on the fabric, such as sequins or lace.


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